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Northmen's Tiw's Day

Updated: Jun 6

| vs Vaughan Vikings | 04.06.24 | 3-11 Loss |


After numerous cancellations and reschedules, the Men in Sox were finally back in action. 

Someone must have been performing rain dance ceremonies because the weather was not co-operating. 

I have my suspicions about who the culprit dancer was, but I won’t name names. 

[It was Jansen, the Assistant to the Traveling Secretary of the Sox; I saw him.]

The visiting Vikings from the land of Vaughan faced off against the nine-man roster of the Martin’s Foot Glovers.

Dante started as the main bowler, giving up no runs with one hit over two innings. 

The home team was cruising, 2-0 after three innings.

But the Vikings had their deities on their side. Tiw, for whom Tuesday is named, came to their rescue. 

Starting with Gianluca who hit two blazing line drives straight into the glove of the surprised short stop. 

And then came the infamous 6th inning storm: 4 walks, 1 hit by pitch, 2 balks, and 3 blooper singles just behind the infield which led to 8 runs for the men of the north.

The Whites rallied back behind Paul’s triple and loaded the bases, but this was Tiw’s game and was not meant to be.

Stars of the Game:

  • Dante: No runs as as a pitcher with two hits as a batter.

  • Paul: No runs as a closer and a triple as a batter.

  • Gavin: Two hits.

Jansen is now working on new dance moves for winning instead of raining—a fusion between breakdancing and waltz.

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