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ALOHA Chatting Hams

| at Chatham Tournament | 05.07.24 to 06.07.24 | 1-2 Record |


The hombres of Groves voyaged to the land of Chatham for a tourney against the local base-batters.  

[Not to be confused with Chatham of Miramichi, the home of albino polar bears].  

This Chatham is the sacred ground where the first ever Hawaiian Pizza was cooked-up.

[true tale]

The traveling Bros ended up with a record of 1-2, however each game was competitive and entertaining. 

They led each contest and were in striking distance of advancing.

But miscues and thoughts of post game silliness was their undoing. 

Great weekend of baseball at a first class facility, Fergie Jenkins Field.  

Luckily we were able to obtain the acclaimed Chatham Times newspaper where we were spotlighted. 

Aloha Chatham, thank you for being gracious hosts and your Tropical Pie invention.  

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