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Buffy’s Corner Sweep

Updated: 3 days ago

| at Brampton Tournament | 07.07.24 to 09.07.24 | 5-0 Record Win |


The Martinis' next adventure takes us to the Select tournament at Flowertown, otherwise known as Brampton.

How does Brampton equate to flowers, you might ask? Well, that’s a complex and intricate story, or at least a tall tale worth a drink or two.

Legend has it that European settlers bought the land from the natives for three magic beans and a punch in the nose.

The newcomers quickly marked their turf by building a community center called Buffy’s Corner Tavern, named after William, a local wino.

With no other buildings or corners around, they also named the town Buffy’s Corner.

In 1860, Edward Dale, visiting Buffy’s and sampling 20 shots of moonshine, had a vision to grow flowers.

Unfortunately, the climate was too cold, but after more visits to Buffy’s, Eddy came up with the idea of building a greenhouse.

With all the free land, Dale’s grow-op became the largest employer in Buffy’s Corner, earning it the nickname ‘Flowertown of Canada’.

Moral of the story: magic beans, moonshine, and flowers are the tickets to success.

Back to baseballing...

The White and Black Sox entered this tournament with vengeance.  

They were here the last 3 years, but could not muster advancing to the later rounds.   

With a few new faces and magic beans, this would be a little different.  

The Martins moonshined each opponent and the gap between 'Select' and ‘A’ levels this time around was evident. The tournament organizers dropped the base-ball and should have not allowed a 'A' level team to compete.

  • 19-1 Against Guelph Royals - Friday

  • 15-0 Aurora King Jays - Saturday

  • 19-7 Royal York Girls - Saturday

  • 19-2 Whitecaps - Sunday - Semi

  • 17-2 Forest Glade Falcons - Sunday Final

The Groves won their flowers and the tournament while learning baseball’s most important lessons:

i. Humility as gracious winners.

ii. Both On-Deck circles can be used by any team at any time, meaning upcoming batters can walk around swinging bats in front of both dugouts.

Everyone’s stats were off the charts in every category with scores like these.

Honourable mentions go to:

  • Lorenzo - for an inside-the-park home run during the final.

  • Gianluca - for pitching a complete game, giving up one hit and no runs.

  • Jake - for forgetting his cleats and jersey.

  • Dimitri - for getting hit three times by the pitcher in one game. [He’s back, baby!]

  • Carlo, Joe, and Leo for barbecuing everything in sight.

  • Sandra for organizing the feeding frenzy.

Great job & stay classy Soxoons! Next stop: back to the regular season.

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