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| vs Ontario Women's 15U A | 09.07.24 | 9-11 Loss |


The women of the great state of Ontario descended upon the Hills of Centennial, ready to finally put to rest the age-old debate: ‘Are girls better than boys?’ 

By the second inning, the verdict was in, and it was resoundingly clear: ‘It appears so.’

With an agenda to establish dominance, the Ontario Amazons scored a staggering 9 runs on 8 hits by the end of the second inning, leading 11-2. 

Not even the power of Metallica’s ‘For Whom the Bell Tolls,’ blasted by the desperate Sox DJ, could rouse the Sleepy Snow Whites from their slumber. 

Despite a valiant effort, rallying for 5 runs in the final inning, the boys could not close the colossal gap.

In an act of mercy, the victorious women,  generously gave up 11 walks, allowed the shell-shocked Sox to save face—if only just. 

They cruised to victory on the back of an insurmountable lead.

"We hail our new women overlords," declared a spokesman for the vanquished Sox. 

"Be kind to us simple folk, and perhaps we can exchange hair product recipes."

Honourable Mentions

Offensive Highlights:

  • Desmond: Double, 1st of the season.

  • Finn: 2 hits.

  • Gianluca: 2 RBIs.

Pitching Triumphs:

  • Gavin, Desmond, Dante: Each took the mound for an inning, collectively giving up 0 earned runs—a silver lining.

Defensive stand:

Lorenzo, outstanding right field catch at the warning track.

Next battle at the Playgrounds of Toronto.

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