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Updated: Jun 1

| at Royal York | 22.05.24 | 18-2 Win |


The Groovers returned to the Yorkies sandbox for a payback.

Last game ended early on a math problem, as did this one on a count there were too many numbers.

Starting ball-hurler was Gavin with Paul and Jeremy in relief. Behind great defence, the men of Martin held the Yorkidoos to only 3 hits with 2 runs scored.

Rumours have it that ‘Royal York’ will be renamed ‘Ordinary Village’ after this game.

On offence the Grove-masters poured it on in the 4th and 6th innings with 9 and 7 runs. This, despite a strike zone that sometimes started at the ankles and ended at the nose.

Stars of the game.

  • All 3 pitchers.

  • Gianluca [3x3 @ the plate]

  • Dante with 4 RBI’s

  • Jake, Paul and Dimitri stealing multiple bases.

The black & yellow awards go to Luka, who got dinged 3 times at the plate including a superman flight, ending in a car crash during a home stealing attempt. Also Jeremy, who was throwing everything he had including his back.

At the end the hosts tapped out. Believe the French call it, Merci.

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