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Opportunistic Pigeons

| vs Innisfil Cardinals | 15.06.24 | 1-4 Loss |


The Whites return to their homestead next to the Centennial Mountain Range, hosting the Innisfil Cardinals.

Interestingly, Innisfil derives from a mythical name for Ireland, yet there are no Cardinals in Ireland—plenty of pigeons, though. Perhaps the Innisfil Pigeons would have been more accurate.

Not to be outdone are the Martin Grove White Sox, named after a local man named Martin who gained fame meandering around a fruit grove. [True story]

He bribed a local politician with 19 tomatoes [which are fruits] to have a dirt road named after him.

It’s likely Martin didn’t own any socks, and definitely not white ones.

Maybe a more fitting name for the team would have been the Martin Grove Prunes.

So, the Prunes took on the Pigeons.

Starting Prune pitcher Paul surrendered only one hit, striking out four over four innings.

The two runs were unearned due to errors.

On offense, the Prunes drew six walks, stole thirteen bases, and out-hit the opposition six to four.

However, the Pigeons capitalized on two errors and two great hits to score all their runs.

Fruits of Honour

  • Paul: as starter, an outstanding pitching performance

  • Finn: as closer, no runs with a K

  • Jeremy: four stolen base

This was a close, competitive game with a slim margin for error.

Looking forward to the next time these fruits and birds meet and hope the umpire won’t be playing a mime character while having a strike zone in the shape of the letter 'S' like in this game.

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