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Pits Part Deux

Updated: 7 days ago

| vs Toronto Playgrounds | 25.06.24 | 11-2 Win |


The Christie gang from TO returned to avenge their loss from a couple of days ago.

This time, they brought bats and round projectiles, laying siege to the hosting Black-wearing White Sox.

To counter the attack, the home team deployed six separate rock slingers [one for each inning] and rotated different players at various positions throughout the game.

This was a close matchup.

The men in black chipped in a few runs with Fionn’s and Lorenzo’s timely hits, making it 4-2

after four innings.

But 2 runs was all the boys from the Playground hood could muster, while the hosting pitchers gave up only 3 hits.

The game was decided in the sixth inning, with the Groves dropping 6 runs on the visitors, behind a screaming line drive double by Luca. [Amazing hit, sensational run and spectacular head-first slide]

Game Honours

  • Luca: Hard-earned double!

  • All 6 pitchers: Gavin, Dimitri, Marcus, Fionn, Lorenzo, Desmond: [2 ER, 3 hits, 9 K’s over six innings]

  • Lorenzo, Fionn, Finn, Jeremy, Dimitri: 2 hits each.

Next up: Amazon Women of Richmond Hill.

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