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Pre-season scrimmage

Updated: May 24

| vs Royal York | 07.05.24 | 9-6 Win |


Hello [also goodbye] to the first [and last] pre-season game of the 2024 campaign.

The White [wearing black] Sox, hosted the Royal Yorkers at their new Centennial park home field.  Next to the newly demolished go-cart track. [I miss thee]

The home team showed resolve and rallied to a 9-6 showing.  

Everyone contributed, including Fionn [pronounced Finn]  who tried [everything everywhere all at once] and finished with 2 diving catches in the outfield, 2 for 2 at the plate,  ERA of 0 facing 7 batters. 

Surprisingly Dimitri didn’t get hit by a pitch in this game, however Jeremy and Gianluca picked up the slack in that department.

Jake hurt his finger [index-there was blood] in the pre-game of the pre-season warm up. He battled through it and hit a double without further injury.

Shout out to a few players who already played an earlier game for their school. I'm sure 4 hours of baseball must have felt like a 6.5 hour flight.

Next stop, regular season.


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