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Sun Tzu's Rules

| at Royal York | 12.06.24 | 18-9 Win |


And we are back to the Royal Imperial Grounds. 

The new undisputed Buffy’s Tourney champs visiting the Dukes of Islington for a rubber match. 

After the last meeting between these two, the Royal titles of York were stripped from the opponents by none other than King Charlie Pompous the IX of the Etobicoke realm. 

Facing such a demotion, the now Dukies were determined to claw their way back into the good graces of the despot.

Even the FeetProtectors had their own drama. 

Their Skipper was forbidden [for one game] to don the team’s garments [even socks] . The penalty also included not being able to feast on sunflower seeds from the dugout. [horrible]

However, he was there in spirit and was also seen peeking from behind the trees close to the Royal Creek.

The Grovsters built a chippy 2-0 lead with aggressive base running and timely hits from Finn, Fionn, and Gavin [doubles].

Fearing further downgrading of their titles, the Lords of Islington came roaring back with a 3-run home run to take the lead after 2 innings.   Unfortunately, this was the last lead they would enjoy.

The weekend prizewinners exploded for 12 runs in the 3rd to seal the fate of the Duukees.

Mentions of Honour

  • Finn, Fionn, Gianluca, Gavin [doubles]

  • Paul [3x3], Marcus, Dante, Jeremey, Fionn, Gavin, Jake, Gianluca [multi-hits]

Jake didn’t lose any of his equipment; however, someone lost Jake. 

As always, I am a vault and won’t disclose further information. 

[name rhymes with Anna, with the H silent]

Rumour has it that there will be further title demotions of our opponent after this showing.

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