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Updated: May 24

| vs Ontario Women's 15U | 14.05.24 | 7-5 Win |


The White Whitete’s

began their official 2024 season with a home stand against THE Ontario Women’s 15U juggernaut.

These visitors came determined or at least awake. The Soxsnoozees were still in their pyjamas when they realized it was 5-0 after an inning and a half.

Once the day turned to night and weather into single digits, the homies rallied behind hits from Gavin, Fionn and Dimitri.

The 90’s band called the ‘Relievers’ made up of Finn, Fionn [the other Finn] and Paul [on base], shutdown the Women of Richmond after the 2nd inning.

Notable mentions, Lorenzo who almost got a HR [fouled], but later stole home instead, and Gianluca, Gavin, Marcus, Fionn with outstanding fielding efforts.

This was a walkathon affair, with the Martin’s giving up 6 while the Women in Red gifting 8.

Jake didn’t get hurt, but he made an executive decision of not liking his walk up song.

Up next, Royal York, a team we'll face 74.5 times this season.


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