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Wealthy-Hill Hill

Updated: Jul 4

| vs Richmond Hill Phoenix | 02.07.24 | 11-9 Win |


After another rainout, the Centennial homies were back in action.

This time, it was the green-wearing horde from Richmond that had to trek across the vast steppe plains of traffic. [Too bad, so sad.]

In their previous meeting, the Richies handed the Grovies their worst loss of the season in a high-scoring affair.

This contest, however, was ‘payment in kind.’

The battle started quietly, with defences controlling the game.

The Whites took a 2-0 lead after three innings on the back of Finn as the starter while Paul and Dante contributed with timely hits including Luca blasting a rocket of a double.

The Hillbillies of the Hills awoke and scored six behind a monster home run in the 4th.

But the Sox didn’t break and got two runs of their own thanks to hits from Desmond and Marcus. It was 4-6 after four.

Then came the 5th inning, where the volcano met the tornado.

The green visitors scored three to give themselves a nice cushion and brought out their hard-throwing ace to close the game.

However, Martin’s team had different ideas.

Starting with Fionn’s mooonnnsterrr triple, followed by Lorenzo’s double, and singles from Dimitri, Gianluca, and Desmond, the Sox stuffed seven runs and the Hill-Hills into the inning locker.

The game ended 11-9, much to the surprise of the visitors due to a 2-hour cut-off rule.

It appears they expected to play by their regulations of 2.5 hours, but this is SPARTA [I mean ETOBICOKA].

[Too bad, so sad.]

Purple Heart of the Game

Offence:With 17 hits, it was a team effort and everyone contributed.


  • Fionn: Triple to start the comeback and a single in the same inning. Amazing.

  • Luca: Double [and an unnecessary head-first slide]. Outstanding.

  • Lorenzo: A double to continue the clawback. Clutch.


  • Jeremy and Fionn: Superb catches in the outfield. Jeremy assisting on a double play.

  • Both catchers: Gianluca & Luca keeping it nice and calm behind the plate.

Next stop, the Grove are packing their bags to compete in a tournament on an outer world called Chatham-Kent.

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