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Updated: Jun 10

| at Richmond Hill Phoenix | 07.06.24 | 7-18 Loss |


Ahh, what sweet fun,

cross-city rush-hour trip in the sun.

To Richmond Hill we bravely steer,

with an eye twitch and a little tear.

The Grooveeteers had to navigate the far reaches of the civilized jungles of the northeast to reach their next opponent.

Not a small feat, especially during the daily wildebeest migration of the local bipeds.

Once there, additional backpacking was required to locate the proper pasture where the battle would take place.

Apparently, there were seven to choose from, and we visited all of them.

The rested Richmondoons took it to the wandering White Sockies early, leading 5-0 after the first inning.

But the visiting heroes fought their way back, tying it up at 7 at the top of the third.

With the upcoming tournament starting the following day, the Whites couldn't focus to close the innings, allowing the local birds of Phoenix to score all their runs with two outs.

Mentions of Honour:

  • Dimitri with 2 hits

  • Finn with 2 stolen bases, including stealing home

  • Jeremy with two RBIs

  • An awesome gun down of a potential triple by Fionne in centre-field, with Finn as the cut-off man and Gianluca at third.

At least during the long back-and-forth drives, one has a chance to ponder life’s important questions. 

Why do we call it 'common sense' when it’s so rare? 

What kind of psychopath created mosquitos? 

Why is there traffic on the 401 at 10:30 pm?

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