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Updated: May 24

| at Royal York | 15.05.24 | 7-8 Loss |


First road trip to the Yorkies doghouse. 

Nice place, except for the Diamond being next to the creek [where stray balls go to the sweet sewer smelling afterlife].  

It was a seesaw battle between the local foes.  

The game had all the drama.  

  • Stolen bases, led by Marcus with 3 and Lorenzo stealing home AGAIN! 

  • Monster blasts by Lorenzo and Dante [doubles] including Paul who rounded the bases after the flustered Royal Pooches threw the ball into the dugout.  Officially counted as an error but we’ll give Paul a triple for that effort. 

  • Dimitri back to form, by getting hit by a pitch.  Took two games to accomplish this feat.  [believe that is a record]

  • Jake hurt his toe [the Big one]. 

Unfortunately the game ended in a score counting controversy, where the doggies counted an extra run for themselves and called it a night.  [it was late, time to go home anyways]

Did you know dogs have four toes on their hind paws and five on their front?  [likely what caused the math issues]

Next game… guess who…? same place, same time a week from now.   

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